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Taking the plunge

11 October 2018

It started on Wall Street, spread to Asia and then reached Europe. The question, of course, is whether the market selloff that started on October 10 signals the beginning of a longer-term decline or is just a short-term correction.


Turkey at risk of slipping into utter chaos

13 August 2018

Recent events in Turkey have led to the emergence of a crisis for the country’s currency, the lira, and investors fear that contagion could spread to European markets.


Living with volatility

07 February 2018

The recent plunge in global equity markets appears to be primarily a sign that the market is blowing off the excessive optimism built up in recent months on the back of signs of an ever-strengthening global economy and, in particular, the boost to US earnings following congressional approval of a major package of tax reforms.



02 November 2017

Do dividends matter? While very conservative investors have long been attracted to low-risk stocks that offer the regular distribution of a portion of the company’s earnings, such shares have largely fallen out of favor.


Europe's gray market

28 September 2017

Europe’s greatest long-term challenge is not economic but, rather, demographic. By 2060, some 28% of the EU’s population will be 65 or over, compared to just 18% today.