US high-yield bonds

23 September 2015

Often referred to as “speculative”, "junk" or "high-yield”, this type of bond offers high returns in exchange for a higher level of risk on issuers than with other types of bonds.


Equality vs. Growth

07 July 2015

Wealth inequality has long been viewed as primarily a social, rather than macroeconomic, problem.


Up In The Air

18 June 2015

After months of fears that a falling energy prices would plunge the continent into a deflationary spiral, European policy-makers are breathing easier with the publication of figures suggesting a slight uptick in inflation.


The Great Rotation

12 May 2015

Financial analysts have long been predicting a ‘Great Rotation,’ a major switch by investors from bonds to equities, in response to two factors: high prices and low yields on government bonds, and growing confidence that economies worldwide are genuinely on the mend nearly a decade after the onset of the global financial crisis and ensuing downturn.


Understanding Negative Yields

24 March 2015

It is a measure of Ireland’s phenomenal recovery that it has now become the latest country to issue short-dated sovereign debt at a negative yield – meaning that investors sacrifice a return on their money in exchange for security. This week saw Ireland offer €500 million worth of six-month debt at a yield of minus 0.01%, guaranteeing investors a loss if they hold the bonds to maturity.