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Real Estate


Small World

19 February 2016

To some extent, Chinese wealth has supported the continent’s real estate markets in recent years, particularly in major commercial centers such as London and Berlin. It’s now questionable whether that demand will be sustained as China’s economic growth continues to weaken.



08 September 2015

One of the few developed nations not to have experienced a major housing-price bubble this century, Germany has long been regarded as one of the most stable real estate markets.


Spain's Patchy Recovery

09 June 2015

The Spanish property market has come to symbolize the worst excesses of the pre-crisis era in Europe. By 2005, housing debt represented 105% of disposable income, double its level 10 years before.


Are property price fears valid?

21 April 2015

Some analysts worry that the long period of ultra-low interest rates is driving global real estate prices higher, pushing rental yields to rock bottom and risking a sudden switch from boom to bust. Other assessments, however, present a more nuanced picture.


Britons to the rescue

03 March 2015

Last year, economists Jean-Luc Buchalet and Christophe Prat predicted a decade of decline for the French housing market as a result of weak income growth. Although falling house prices in 2014, especially in rural areas, seemed to confirm this trend, the weak euro and foreign buyers may come to the rescue.