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Real Estate


Alternative Lending Pays Off

06 May 2014

Real estate investors are seeing the Netherlands as a haven from rising prices that are crimping returns in Europe’s hottest property markets.


Berlin Rising

25 March 2014

Berlin, a stage for some of the most momentous events of the 20th century, is becoming a real estate hot spot in the 21st.


Asia’s Wealth Effect

17 February 2014

New wealth pouring out of Asia is driving up real estate prices in London, Monaco, Hong Kong, New York and other sought-after locations around the world.


European Real Estate Revives

28 January 2014

European real estate markets battered by the collapse of housing bubbles are showing signs of a return to health.


France Millionaire Tax

08 January 2014

After a false start, French President François Hollande appears to have finally won approval for his proposal to levy a tax rate equivalent to 75% on salaries above €1m a year. Now analysts are asking whether the controversial levy will affect the country’s property market.