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Real Estate


Alpine peak properties

17 December 2013

Developers of Alpine ski chalets are climbing to new heights of design and luxury. While the exteriors often have the wood-beam aesthetic of posh ski towns the world over, inside they feature not just the expected ski racks and open fireplaces but climbing walls, swimming pools and interior waterfalls.


Golden visas in Portugal & Spain

09 December 2013

In desperate need of buyers for premium homes built before the housing boom went bust, Portugal and Spain are issuing “golden visas” that offer wide travel privileges to non-Europeans who purchase properties above a certain price level.


Luxurious London on the rise

02 December 2013

Price growth for luxury real estate in London has slowed this year, but that has not discouraged developers from planning for increased sales.


Room for rubles

25 November 2013

Wealthy Russians, citizens of former Soviet Republics and other Eastern Europeans are increasingly on the prowl for luxury property in New York City, says international real estate consultant Gennady Perepada.


Côte d'Azur top for second homes

18 November 2013

Buyers of high-end luxury homes cannot resist the Côte d'Azur. The rugged, breathtaking southeastern coast of France has been a playground for people of means for centuries, although in recent years the Côte d'Azur has also become a popular destination for less well-heeled tourists.