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Merck Finck

Merck Finck

As an experienced, broad-based asset manager, Merck Finck offers a wide spectrum of solutions for our high-net-worth private clients.

We have 16 offices and 340 employees across Germany. With 140 years of banking experience, we understand that what we do is based on strong, trusting relationships with our clients.

Every step we take in handling your wealth is done so with a deep understanding and continuous awareness of your individual goals.

Merck Finck

16, Pacellistrasse
80333 Munich

+49 89 21 04 16 52
49 89 21 04 13 56

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Matthias Schellenberg

A word from our CEO

To feel comfortable with a partnership, it must be founded upon a shared sense of trust and interdependence, and then sustained over time through mutual respect

Matthias Schellenberg


Merck Finck

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