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Social commitment

With over 2,000 employees based in fifty cities in Europe, we have a unique opportunity to make a difference in local communities.

Today, we are accelerating our corporate social responsibility efforts.

At KBL epb, we believe in doing well for our clients and doing good in the communities in which we operate. By contributing resources and capital to worthy causes and important ideas, we serve as an agent of positive social change.

Our current CSR commitments reflect the distinctly multi-local identity of our group and include support of organizations such as:

  • Luxembourg Autism Foundation in Luxembourg
  • Goods to Give in Belgium
  • SOS Children’s Villages in Germany

We further support various staff-nominated causes in the Netherlands, and provide mentoring and grants to young entrepreneurs in the UK.

KBL epb also provides ongoing funding for a broad range of non-profit cultural organizations, such as the Luxembourg Philharmonic and the Grand Theater of Luxembourg.