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The Sound of Music in Luxembourg

The Sound of Music

The EME Foundation – Ecouter pour mieux s’Entendre – was established in the Grand Duchy in 2009 with the support of the Philharmonie Luxembourg.

The foundation brings music to those who are unable to come to the Philharmonie to enjoy a concert, whether due to financial or physical constraints. It has partnerships with over 210 hospitals, specialized schools, retirement homes, juvenile centers and prisons. In 2014, the foundation gave more than 12,000 people access to musical performances through its numerous concerts and events.

According to the foundation, music brings together individuals with completely different backgrounds; it provides hope and abolishes barriers. At an EME Foundation concert, you can find children and seniors sitting side by side, as Alzheimer patients sing and disabled teenagers rap.

KBL epb  is proud to be one of the founding members of the EME Foundation and to help make access to music a little easier for everyone.

For more details about the organization, please visit: