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Jonk Entrepreneuren

Jonk Entrepreneuren

In July 2014, KBL epb  announced the signing of a partnership agreement with Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg (JEL), a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship among youth in the Grand Duchy.

In addition to providing funding to JEL, the private bank is encouraging its Luxembourg-based staff to voluntarily facilitate educational initiatives at local schools – supporting creativity and critical thinking among children and young adults.

This agreement reflects the private bank’s commitment to contributing resources and capital to worthy causes and important ideas in Luxembourg and across our pan-European footprint.

Indeed, as a leading European private bank in Luxembourg focused on meeting the needs of entrepreneurs and aspirational institutions, we recognize the vital importance of fostering entrepreneurship among the next generation.

The group’s support for entrepreneurship extends beyond the Grand Duchy: in France, the private bank established in 2010 an annual awards programme that recognizes exceptional French entrepreneurs, with a special focus on youth achievement. The group also provides mentoring and grants to young entrepreneurs in the UK.