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Partnering for sustainability

Partnering for sustainability

For more than a decade, Puilaetco Dewaay has worked in collaboration with Triodos Bank, a global reference for sustainable investing, to develop and offer sustainable portfolio management solutions.

We are pleased to report that our partnership with Triodos Bank has been a great success. Puilaetco Dewaay’s clients care more and more about sustainability, as do we.

In 2012, we established another valuable partnership, this time with Goods to Give. An environmentally friendly charity initiative with a long history in the US, Goods to Give has just been launched in Europe, including, with our help, in Belgium.

Goods to Give gathers unsold non-food products that clog companies’ stocks. It then distributes them to a network of select charities that, in turn, distribute them to people in need.

This initiative and our partnership with Triodos Bank reflect our CSR goal of supporting and helping to develop innovative projects in which we believe.