Sustainable index investing

Sustainable index investing

Theodoor Gilissen takes corporate social responsibility seriously. Our core activity, investing, is a reflection of this commitment. One area in which we play a pioneering role is sustainable index investing.

Theodoor Gilissen has a track record in sustainable index investing that goes back to 1992. Having initially introduced services specifically for institutional clients, the bank gradually noted growing interest in sustainable index investing among private individuals. Over time, sustainable index investing has become one of our specializations.

In the last decade, the bank has introduced three sustainable index funds, each with a specific geographic scope (global, European and North American). These funds follow Dow Jones Sustainability indices, which apply a best-in-class approach to ensure that only the most sustainable companies in each sector are selected for inclusion. Companies active in alcohol and tobacco production are ineligible for inclusion, as are companies in the defence sector and gambling industry.

Theodoor Gilissen’s sustainable index funds have enjoyed strong growth in the past few years. The value of client assets invested in these funds has soared from €140 million in 2010 to more than €400 million today.

Theodoor Gilissen also offers customized index solutions, especially for institutional clients, that focus on sustainability.