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An egg-cellent cause

An egg-cellent cause

Brown Shipley is proud to partner with Macmillan Cancer Support, a UK charity established in 1911, to host an annual charitable event known as the Brown Shipley Gulls’ Eggs Luncheon.

The inaugural Manchester event took place in 2010. Over the years, this luncheon and charitable auction have become one of the most important fundraising events in the city, raising over £26,000 in 2012 alone.

In 2013, funds raised from the luncheon supported the appointment of a Macmillan acute oncology nurse at North Manchester General Hospital. These nurses work closely with the Accident and Emergency department to identify patients who come in as emergencies but have had, or are likely to have, a cancer diagnosis.

This is an especially important service in this part of the country as the number of individuals diagnosed with cancer in the city of Manchester is 24% higher than the UK average. Some 95,000 people are currently living with a cancer diagnosis in the Manchester and Cheshire region.