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Fighting like lions in Luxembourg

Fighting like lions in Luxembourg

The privately financed Kriibskrank Kanner (“Kids with Cancer”) Foundation in Luxembourg was founded nearly a quarter-century ago with a single aim: to support families with a child that has been diagnosed with cancer.

KBL European Private Bankers is pleased to have been able to aid the Foundation with a very special project in 2009 that focused on raising awareness of childhood cancer. This testimonial campaign, which was titled “Fighting like a Lion,” featured 20 billboard-sized images of afflicted children.

In addition to providing direct financial assistance to the Foundation, KBL epb  also displayed one of these billboards at its headquarters between June-July of that year.

While diagnostics and treatment continue to improve, some 160,000 children worldwide under the age of 15 are diagnosed with cancer annually.

For further information about the Kriibskrank Kanner Foundation and how you can help, please visit: