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Laughing Out Loud

Laughing Out Loud

For two days, 37 KBL epb  staff members lent their faces and good humour to the LOL (laugh out loud) Project, conceived by Belgian photographer David Ken and his friend William Lafarge.

Their aim: to photograph as many laughing people as possible and end up with the world’s largest urban participation exhibition in. His collaboration with KBL epb  marked the first time Ken had worked with a company outside of France.

KBL epb  was not alone in the Grand Duchy, teaming up with the Kannerklinik, the children’s hospital at the Centre Hospitalier in Luxembourg. These young patients, their parents and members of medical staff enjoyed their two-day photo shoot and, with their laughter, created a positive and lively atmosphere throughout the hospital.

All of the photographs taken over these four days were used to create two identical LOL walls: one in the hospital and the other in the KBL epb  cafeteria.

In addition to the permanent wall, the Kannerklinik received a donation of €10,000 from KBL epb  and the LOL Project. They used this donation to purchase a V-Pod 3D Sensory Pain Distraction System, a device designed to distract children from pain and anxiety during all types of treatments.