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Autism Foundation day

Autism Foundation day

A member of the Luxembourg Institute for Corporate Social Responsibility since our founding, KBL epb  is convinced that for a company to do well, it also needs to do good.

In keeping with this belief, KBL epb  is proud to support a global cause that is still too little known: the treatment of autism. In Luxembourg, one out of 100 people is autistic.

In April 2012, we lit up our headquarters in blue in solidarity with World Autism Day. We then supported, both financially and through volunteering, the Luxembourg Autism Foundation’s Open Day to renew and reinforce our commitment to this cause. The Luxembourg Autism Foundation is a member of Autism Network International.

This day was marked by exchange, unity and tolerance.The day-long event included workshops on autism, guided tours, a crafts fair and music. Our staff assisted with the food and drink stands and wherever else necessary.