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Oxfam Wintertrail

Oxfam Wintertrail

Oxfam France is a member of the Oxfam international confederation, a network of NGOs working together in nearly 100 countries to find sustainable solutions to poverty and inequalities.

Since its founding, Oxfam has always offered innovative and motivating ways for citizens to support a cause at their level.

This way of thinking paved the way for the Oxfam Wintertrail: a one of a kind sporting competition where teams of four people run 60 km in snowshoes in less than 30 hours.

This year, four of our staff from KBL epb in Luxembourg and Puilaetco Dewaay in Belgium have decided to take up this challenge and experience this incredible adventure.

Sharing the same universal values of unity, interdependence and solidarity, KBL epb  is proud to bring financial support to Oxfam with the help of its committed staff.

For more information about Oxfam WIntertrail, visit: