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Access Control Officer - (M/F)

KBL European Private Bankers, Luxembourg


Ensure Business roles definition and conduct on a yearly basis an access review
Be the point of any security controls, and for any analysis linked to access rights
Ensure access right coherence by challenging criteria and sensitize about risks of those accesses
Be the point of contact between entities and LO for any update of access rights in case of maintenance or new release

Missions :

- Expertise in LO tools to manage access selectivity and access in general (DAC2 / G2-CRM / Sherlock)

- Guarantor of the maintenance and the respect of the rules in terms of selectivity of access and associated risks, by relying on the procedures and regulations in force

- Impact analysis on access / selectivity and associated risk analysis:

- During any new release impacting applications related to access selectivity such as G2 / CRM / LAS ...

- During any reorganization / restructuring of entity / activity within KBL

- When creating a new business profile

- During the annual access review

- Troubleshooting analysis and problem solving regarding access rights definition

- Cross-functional support, for this specific area of expertise, to the Projects, Business Analysts, Managers' Services, Lodh Acces, SecOffs of LO-based migrated subsidiaries, and users, at all levels, and all entities of the bank

- Formalization of access requests relating to selectivity to ensure optimal implementation by TBI - PSF Access

- Communicate, inform, and even train if necessary, the users impacted by these selectivity aspects

- Support for setting up business profiles, and selectivity access when migrating a new subsidiary on the LO platform

- Maintenance of access rights repositories:

- Selectivity matrix comprising: UC / UG form with OR associated therewith, Dac2-CRM roles, portfolio lists, matrix itself taking over the synthesis of selectivity accesses (roles on OR by business profiles)

- LAS file containing all the modules and application profiles LAS

- G2 Web Admin profiles for KLX, KBE entities and KUK

- List of G2 features; Competency graphs and Catalogue of LO applications

 Qualifications :

Minimum Bac + 3 in IT

Compétences :

- Strong transversal knowledge of LO platform system and application
- Strong transversal knowledge of the bank activities and its organizational structure
- Knowledge of sensitive access rules and procedures related to access management (eg PDI025), as well as regulatory constraints, such as GDPR
- Knowledge on LO following tools
- In terms of selectivity: DAC2 / Sherlock / features and rights G2 • CRM / rights LAS / Process Workflow CRM / Matrix UC-UG
- Other tools about supporting GIPS / CMO (KBL) and FIM (KBE) entities: G2 Pro difference, eKbl, Kheops / Kheprhen / Admin Notif / GAC / Skill Graphs
- Good knowledge and use of office tools
- Ability to work under time constraints

Langues :

Language level: French and English


If you are interested in this opportunity, please send your application to the KBL Human Resources team at the following email address :