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Client Administration Officer - (M/F)

KBL European Private Bankers, Luxembourg


As a Client administration officer, you are committed to support all the tasks related to the update of the centralized customer static data file and of the related portfolios.
Your actions contribute to account and safe openings and (un)blocking, to the appropriate passing of transactions as well as to an adequate delivery of banking information towards the customer and regulators.
As a contributor to a centralized data center, you work with many different internal entities and even with some affiliates for particular items.

Job Responsibilities :

- Analyse and validate the contractual or regulatory documentation

- Ensure a data input that respects a duly documented client request if required as well as the ongoing regulation and internal procedures

- Keep up with the reglementation on Compliance (AML, MiFID, EMIR, Data Protection), Risks (Anacrédit, Incidents Report) and Tax (FATCA, QI, CRS, UKRND, USU/NUP)

- Participate to a lean document management

- Contribute to the team's best practices, efficiency, procedure and user guide update

- Understand end-to-end process and interactions between client, front , middle and back entities

 Qualifications :

- Bac +2 or similar experience in legal, economics or business administration

Skills :

- Rigor
- Autonomy
- Analytical and critical mindset (ability to solve and solution oriented)
- Team spirit
- Client focused

Languages :

- Fluency in English
- Good command of french


If you are interested in this opportunity, please send your application to the KBL Human Resources team at the following email address :